Club Tournaments 2020

May 25th ▶ Member’s Opening Tournament
Course  Royal & Quebec
Time  12:15 PM Shotgun

Continuous Mulligan with 4 players 

- 3 “drives” per player
- You can organize your foursome

Tees - Women: Red Tees
- Men: 0-4 handicap (Blue Tees)
- Men: 5+ handicap (White Tees)
- Handicap + age= 90 (Red Tees)
Classes  0-8, 9-17, 27 & up (The average handicap of the four players determines the class of each team
Notes The best scores will be highlighted but all prizes will be drawn at random
Meal - Free drink and a four-course meal

39$/person + taxes and service

- Includes meal, background music, and prizes

- Those with food allergies, please contact Tobin Carrier (418-822-0331 ext. 236)


The deadline is Tuesday, May 21st at 4pm

- You can register in the locker room or online 

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